A Battle of Passion.
A Battle of Passion. passion stories

lizziebevisI remain loyal until the end...
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Ok... I have no idea where this slightly toasty number came from!
I started writing and this just flowed.
+18 is advised...yet another slightly saucy piece.

A Battle of Passion.

Laying here with you is all I ever want to do as I look deeply into your eyes. I see every line within your perfectly dark brown iris and your pupil expanding and contracting with the light.

Your skin is so rough and rugged in places as my hands touch your warm loving flesh, yet you remain completely flawless to me. Your smile is a handsome beam of sunshine; happy and radiant enough to brighten even the dullest of my days.

I seem to be eagerly waiting for you, the thought of your scent, the energy you give off, your oh so silent actions that I crave. The thought of your hands, I would love to feel those fingertips caress my skin and soul. The very touch I have been longing for.

I smile as I imagine your soft fingers gently pass down my skin over the middle of my breasts as you arouse my senses. The way you calm my body, slowly guiding my energy with your hands as you fluidly run them down my neck, melting my heart and making all of my worries trickle away.

I gather my wild thoughts and return back to reality. My dreamy thoughts somehow sprung me into a need for passion. I once again focus and look deeply into your gaze, something has awoken inside you, your eyes flash with excitement, perhaps it is a deep desire to satisfy your need to dominate and subdue me? Do you read my mind?!

You swiftly move without hesitation, I am in your grasp and there is no escape. Your hands need no instruction as they tenderly glide over my skin. Loving kisses are eagerly planted on my lips and neck, which begin to make my cheeks bloom.

Your fingers begin flowing down my body, awakening every cell with their touch as you drift closer to what is about to be your pleasurable conquest. I desire you more than anything at this moment. I begin to silently quiver under your touch, slowly trying to catch my breath between these all too beautiful moments.

Our intense fire continues to burn, we have a connection unlike any other, our love is something unexplainable yet oh so mesmerising, much more than words could ever describe. I have no way to put these feelings into words, as you leave me speechless for a moment in time.

My body begs you as I teeter on the edge of surrender. You look into my eyes and you know that you have succeeded. You admire your conquered land, she has a new ruler and you are my king.

I am at your sweet mercy as you move in with such vehemence. You plunge your weapon deeper and deeper with each thrust of your wanting passion, breathing a new life into my body and awakening my soul. My body screams with a desire only for you.

It will always be only for you.

Lizzie Bevis

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