I Died Today.
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don't go.

I Died Today.

this is crazy. release a breath and say hello to death.

You never imagined there’d be so much red, is this hatred or love pouring from My heart?

the blade hits the ground while You release a sound mixed between a scream and a sigh—

are You crazy? am I free? is this how life’s meant to be?

left out of the loop, Death didn’t think I’d come home so soon, but the red carpet is all laid out, leading from my heart to Your knife. Your clothes. all covered in My love.

My anger. My love or Your anger, or our madness, either way it was me who chose to fall.

My last breaths will be filled with a single thank You for holding My hand as I leave, this body You no longer wanted.

am I crazy? I think You’re free. no more love from you to me.

yet You still ripped the knife out of My hands as I fell, "why would You stab Yourself in the chest?" I heard you yell. laughter bubbles in My throat,

He could never understand.

You were My world, but You decided I was no longer Yours to hold, to love, to mold into whatever the hell You wanted me to be.

I went crazy, I don't want You to leave. there was only one choice for Me.

"stop, please, I want You to stay." "no, no, this ends today, I loved You but the time to move on is now."

You’re crazy. the world is hazy, freedom is Ours.

I died today.

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