Shut up and drive
Shut up and drive love stories

lizchristensen To dance with teasing, haunting words.
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Free verse on passion, love and an out-of-sync relationship

Shut up and drive

I got on board expecting you to floor it. Stop checking the rearview mirror. And the safety belts.

There are no speed limits. You have all the license you need And we can pave our own road.

I've got plenty of fuel to burn And you said you'd like to go places with me I'm ready to travel light but you've got baggage in the back

Let's roll down the windows Scream at the top of our lungs Sing together even if we don't know all the words to each other's songs Just ignite this engine

I don't want to decide where we go What we do If we move forward Or circle the block one more time

I am ready to take this ride But I need you to shut up and drive

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