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Live life; take chances


She stood, at a fork in the road,

a split in the path

One small choice would decide her fate eternally

Should she head down the path that would ensure her passage,

Even if not as many possibilities?

Should she take a risk and go down the other path?

This path did not have the same odds of safety as the first one, but the possibilities were endless, a new life could be just passed this next turn, waiting for her to live it,

But the uncertainty of this gave her great fear,

At any moment all of these wonderful things could be taken from her,

In which case it would be better to choose the first path of very little, rather than nothing at all

She felt the weight of her decision as she stood still in front of the two paths, the bright sun shining through the dense woods,

She stood there in that same spot undecided for what seemed like hours,

Although she knew it had just been moments

Finally, she decided safe was her decision, her fate

Every day she lived for the rest of her life was spent safe,

Every day of her life was spent unsatisfied, always wanting more

Wanting the the exhilaration of the risk she did not take,

Waiting for a chance to put it all on the line.

But that day would never come, for the decision had already been made.

A thousand times over,

She imagined herself walking along the path of danger,

Taking risk after risk and reaping the rewards.

All of what she could have done and been,

All of the feelings sher could have felt.

But alas, she had made her decision,

It was over, done, gone


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