Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
Wolf in Sheep's Clothing sheep stories

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gave it a shot. hope you like

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

I was Mary and you were the lamb

Freind forever, we would go everywhere

But turns out my little lamb wasn't a lamb at all, a wolf in sheep clothing, the King of the ball

I confronted you and said screw you

you didn't care about me, what a pity, what a shame, looks who is now the King of disgrace.

my lamb, my sheep, turned out to be someone cheap.

I gave you a second chance and took you to the dance.

but a wolf in sheep clothing never learns

I should have known you never loved me.

so my sheep, my lamb, tell me who do you think I am?

a woman so naive to believe your pretty lies?

I think its time you should say goodbye

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