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Growing Up

they never trusted us

the underdogs, the youth

because we can't handle the truth

our voices left unheard because what do we know

and our parents ignore that one day we will go

because that means the chick is now a bird

flying through the world

and why should we give something more to the children?

what would they do with the truth?

would they try to improve

the mistakes

and all the fakes

but we know nothing because that's a part of growing up

they let our innocents grow

until we glow, brighter than any star

and one day it will be shattered

because we learn about a tattered piece of cloth

worn by a mother who killed her own flock

slaves with shackles so thick

that their time begins to tick faster and faster

we learned about the twin towers

and everything collapsed with it

but they never trusted us because it's just another part of growing up.

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