Counting The Stars In My Skies
Counting The Stars In My Skies mother stories

lizardsbecool I'm Back! tehe
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These are the words i wished to hear when my mother passed. If yours has here you go. the words i never heard are now yours to hear...or read

Counting The Stars In My Skies

look up to the stars dear, remember when I said our ancestors lived up there?

well, we have a new star to count, we lost your mother dear.

I'm sorry, she wasn't supposed to die this young

but remember she's always in the stars, looking down on you.

she loved you very much, she didn't stop fighting. But sometimes you can put up a fight and lose.

and with her illness, it happens too often.

you can cry, it is okay to cry. it's not weakness, it shows how strong your love was.

Let's see if we can find her star.

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