Your soulmate
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lizaliz "May the ones with hearts of gold unite"
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Your soulmate

It could have been one lonely night With the moon shining over our heads. I saw your reflection in the waters We used to send paper-boats on.

Once again, we were sitting under the maple tree, Where countless lovers confessed their love, Joking around - until your mouth mumbled

Five words 'I think I love you '

I paused and looked into your green eyes Giggling at the sight of your cheeks turning red For a moment there, you lost all courage

Still the sparkle in your eyes only appeared brighter.

You touched my hand - I almost remembered our past lives We've been in love since the beginning of the time.

First we were stars, but we died to become flowers. We grew wings, then legs, knowing all time was ours.

I held you tightly in my arms Hoping to make you feel my love I whispered words into your ears That no one will ever know.

And so we stayed underneath the sky A new love story began that night One we've written so many times We know it by heart.

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