Veda's Past
Veda's Past # mysterious # past life # curiosity takes life stories

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Veda finds out her past... Rather a Mysterious Past...

Veda's Past

It was one of those nights when Veda just could not fall asleep no matter how hard she tried,

she had been tossing in her bed for a long time and finally decided to make herself a cup of hot chocolate.

Suddenly, Veda heard some sound.....

It was a knock on her window. She was scared. While having her hot chocolate, she saw something shining, like some torch...

Veda felt it was too strange & gathering her courage she went out to inspect...

As she was in a rush, she went barefoot out in the garden, walking slowly and alarmed at the same time on the soft, wet grass..

While she was walking, something fell from up!!! It was a skull !!!

Veda screamed and ran as fast as she could, but soon found herself lost in a forest.. She thought "Should I just wait her till its morning? Well No.. Its not safe here I suppose..

but then then what should I do?! Just run? "

Then suddenly she heard a phone ringing.. It sounded as if it was near.. But felt quite far..... She searched and searched but all in vain...

She heard something, Something that sent chills down her spine....

It was a doll!!! A doll that was talking!!!!!

"Hello Veda. I was your grandmother.. In your past life..

This doll is filled with my spirit" "I was your grandmother 200 years ago, I took care of you,

but when you grew up you started hating me because you thought that I killed your parents and decided took take your 'revenge' and killed me" " My soul wanted peace..

Which it could only get after telling you the truth And taking you with Me"

Veda was dumbfounded and just ran while she heard her grandmother laughing..... She ran, ran, and just ran....

She finally saw a house that looked just like hers and ran inside her room and locked the door. She cold still hear her grandmother laughing but this time as though she was just behind her..

She knew it would not be good to look behind...

But her curiosity took her Life.

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