the gerrymanderer and the whittler
the gerrymanderer and the whittler
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livweathers I’m a mess. I feel everything deeply.
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Really just a random bric-a-brac poem. It makes no sense, but it isn’t really supposed to lol 😝

the gerrymanderer and the whittler

The gerrymanderer lives in the bumfuzzle of the town Which causes him to frown.

The whittler works on the collywobbles of the town, Every day she whittles a new gown.

She pays no attention to the frigid fungus of the town, which causes many to frown.

She is too consumed with the bibble of love that her gerrymanderer is so full of.

Her corpulent agastopia makes him feel at peace, As she loves him more, his nudiustertian heart is at ease.

The gerrymanderer loves his wife, as she is the only one who can help him through life;

as long as he has her he will never frown, Until the day she no longer is around.

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