Pas Jamais le Même Amour
Pas Jamais le Même Amour romance stories

livirobinson more feelings than I like to admit
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French title ; English content .

Pas Jamais le Même Amour

I love understanding that I loved you and I will continue to love you until my dying breath,

and every moment I won’t have after that; and I know that this love I have for you will not hinder me from growing, it will not hinder me from loving myself or dare I say loving someone else.

Because the love that is yours is engraved in this universe as the love we share.

I am my own entity and mixed with your emotions and experiences that chemical reaction could never recreate itself.

In a world with infinite universes there is no one like you, and no one like me to feel what you made me feel.

Laugh the way you made me laugh, cry the way you made me cry, and smile the way you made me smile.

You were my one in a trillion that made me see past a billion … light years with you and made me believe the impossible was true.

I loved your ambition, your vision to see 3 zeros transform times 2 and be your personal figure to look up to.

You loved the 6 god recited his lyrics like it was Bible, he wasn’t your idol, raised Christian but learned to question religion.

Smarter than I could admit, learning from you was different, it crippled my pride to realise that you were perfection in disguise.

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