Midnight (PT.3)
Midnight (PT.3) pt.3 stories

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PT. 3, choose your sparring partner

Midnight (PT.3)

*rAnDoMlY iNsErTs nEw cHaRaCtEr*

Indigo's POV

Watching them talk made me feel a little bit left out, but after seeing that girl crack, I was little unimpressed.

I decided to just watch them. There wasn't much happening, the little girl was making faces at the pinked hair boy, the crazy guy was just sitting there motionless, he looked almost dead.

Skylar: "Hey! Can you turn into a dragon?" She asked

Sinc: "I suppose so" He said while getting up

After a moment he began changing colors

"Wow, so cool!" She said in amazement

He changed back and sat back down "I could become bigger but this room won't let me"

No more POV's just talking stuf

Melody: "Hey, purple eyes, what're your powers?"

"They're violet, and I can do whatever I want with my mind"

Ceil: "Oh really? Pick me up"

"Fine" She said as she got up

She slowly began to pick her up

"What the-.."

She stood there staring as Ceil went a little higher.

Watz: He sighed bored "Wow... You can pick things up.. So cool" he said sarcastically

"At least I can use my power without going insane"

"Oh please, I was already insane, I just didn't know it" He chuckled

"Show us your power then"

"I'm not allowed to, if I do they'll shock me, and not like a little spark, a full shock, an electrical kind, the headphones do that as well"

Emery: "Well, you must be very dangerous" She said looking down at her hands

"Sounds like a dog collar expect for your ears" She said with a slight chuckle


"You're a dog to them" She said with a smirk

He shot her a death stare

Takeshi: "She's not wrong" (Is this person still here?"

He sighed shaking his head

"That's not nice.."

Kashimi: "The world isn't nice"

Moi: "We have a new activity, sparring, it will determine who is ready to become a 10 or who will be pushed down"

"Choose your partner, it can be anyone"

A/N: Anyone want ships? I'm asking the readers too! Also, choose your sparring partner my dear sim participants!!

~ Midnight Awaits ~

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