Midnight (PT. 1)
Midnight (PT. 1) pt1 stories

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Well, this went pretty good! PT. 1

Midnight (PT. 1)

Melody's POV

This place wasn't all that bad, apart from the treatments and our rooms, it was rather nice.

I was the first one to be taken in in 3 years.. I had just started seeing more people.

But they didn't seem all too happy, I wouldn't be happy if I was taken out of nowhere, in fact I wasn't happy at all, I saw them take a child, this ticked me off, I controlled a guard and made him let go of her, they were gripping too hard. She gave the sweetest smile,

It made me wonder why they threw her in a 10 rating, she seemed harmless, unlike me, I could probably make you walk off a cliff on accident and still say sorry..

Emery's POV

When I was betrayed by someone I trusted they put me in here, they put me next to a girl with dark brown hair, she seemed very girly, but she was definitely athletic, they started bringing in more people just two days ago.

They brought a child, the girl next to my room, well more like cell controlled the guard, I've never seen her use her power, nor talk to people, she just sat or did some exercises there quietly, she was strange, but something told me I'd need her for something...

But I don't want to trust her just yet, I remember what happened the last time I trusted someone.

Takeshi BlackBurn's POV

Me and my sister were on the streets, but then suddenly a white van with a strange plant like logo came up behind us, I didn't see the logo until they came up in front of us.

I realized who it was....

Vera Pharmaceutical..

I quickly turn around "Arisu run!!" I shouted at her, she looked at me, but we didn't have time, I picked her up and started running. "Takeshi, what's going on?" She said in a panicked voice

"Vera.. It's Vera!!" I shouted, we got shot, when I woke up Arisu wasn't there. There was no point in screaming, I know they aren't going to hurt her....


Arisu Blackburn POV

When I woke up my head was throbbing, it hurt so bad when I pinched myself it didn't meet it's pain it gave me.

I started screaming for Takeshi, she didn't respond, I heard footsteps...

"T-Takeshi ?" I said... "Takeshi, is that you..?" The door flew open, I yelped and jumped back. I kept staring at the entrance.. No one..

I ran towards the door, but then something shot me.. "Takeshi.. Help..." I mumbled before I pasted out..

~ A/N ~ I wanted to start already, but I didn't do everyone, I apologize, the rest will be done tomorrow! Until then....

~ Midnight Awaits ~

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