one fact about me│basics
one fact about me│basics  one fact about me stories

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A lame comeback, a special thank you and my first #OneFact (created by @Kaylynn)! ...+ some personal pictures.

one fact about me│basics

First things first: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR +1000 FOLLOWERS!

I know it's cheesy but it truly means a lot that even a few people would hear what I have to say, let alone that so many of you would choose to stick around and want to "hear" more. So, for something hopefully fun and different, here are some basic facts about me.

(Also! Sorry if I have been missing for awhile, I was on vacation and had barely any Internet; but I have survived and now please accept this lame comeback. ♡)

I was born in Czech Republic on the 14th of December 1997 (you do the math. Spoiler: I'm old!) I lived my entire life in Italy (that's why my english it's not great)

[If you think this picture it's cute, wait for the next one]

TADAAA Apparently I was the founder of the "free the nip" movement


My name is Sasha. Easy. I'm an only child. I've studied tourism and languages: english, spanish and german (my nightmare), and I do speak a bit czech. (But don't be fooled, I can barely communicate in my mother tongue)

My favourite colour is blue, my favourite season winter and my favourite animal wolves (probably because of Princess Mononoke). Yup! Huge Studio Ghibli fan right here! I love music (duh), paranormal stuff and self expression.

I think that's enough for now. Enjoy this pic of my half-covered face.

I invite you to share some of your facts as well, just for fun. Cheers! Have a nice day! -livingghost

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