Fool at the horizon

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livingghostDefinitely not a writer ig: livingxghost
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Attention: fool at the horizon.
Naive and unexperienced subject, desperate for affection

Fool at the horizon

Attention: fool at the horizon naive and unexperienced subject desperate for affection

It was too easy to light a spark like nothing I’ve seen before Got me already marked Didn’t know it wouldn’t fill the hole in my core

So I slipped just enough Lost consciousness The rest was rush and rough

You sounded so secure I was too focused on that soft light to realise how immature you were Oh boy you’re just a child

I got tired and pretending wasn’t enough to keep in touch

Never know what I want but now is a man I look for I might seem easy to love but I’m difficult to cope with

Always grab onto the little things The same ones that destroy me So let me go or suffocate me

You weren’t what I needed and if only you knew... I am not for you Underestimate something complicated but it seemed conventional

How stupid of me to think you could save me .

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