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About feeling small in a grand universe.


by livewithrisks

I feel minuscule.

I am only one of 324, 551, 087 people in the United States. I am only one of 7, 448, 265, 512 people on this planet.

I am not a special kind of person.

I am not a Gandhi or a Princess Diana or an Isaac Newton. I leave no Colosseums or Great Walls or Eiffel Towers in my wake. I am not quite exceptional at anything.

There are 7, 448, 265, 512 people on this planet and I am only one of them. I am not even an exceptional one of them.

Did you know that 1,300,000 Earths fit in the sun? Did you know there are a hundred thousand million stars in this galaxy alone? As for the universe--

The universe is infinite.

And I am minuscule.

I am small. I am tiny. In the grand scheme of things, I am near to nothing.

But I am not nothing.

I am the only one who knows how to make my brother laugh so much he starts crying. I can read five books one week and then start again the next. I can even burp the entire alphabet. Backwards.

I trained the dog not to pee on our tulips anymore. I taught myself to do the backstroke in the community pool. I once got a bloody nose so bloody I ran out of tissues from a newly opened box.

I am not much, but I am not nothing.

In fact, I'm pretty great.

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