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It’s been so long my love, I lost you I know,

From me

It’s been so long my love,

I lost you I know,

I had you , you know,

I had her between my arms,

But that didn’t last long,

You didn’t want me ,

You never wanted me,

But I loved you more than my own existing,

I wanted you with all my heart,

And today you’re gone forever, we are gone forever,

You remind me of me,

Both destroyed by love,

I’m glad he didn’t want you,

At least you knew what it felt like, a drained heart,

You’re not worth of love,

You are worth nothing,

You haunted death,

And that’s what you got, you got what you asked for,

I have nothing to say but a goodbye,

You buried my heart with you,

Don’t worry maybe one day ,

One day I would be buried next to my heart,

Buried next to you.

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