Amy's Diapered Holiday
Amy's Diapered Holiday ab stories

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"Amy is about to experience something that she has wanted for a long time, thanks to her older sister and it just so happens that Christmas is just around the corner "

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Amy's Diapered Holiday

by Me

"Amy is about to experience something that she has wanted for a long time, thanks to her older sister and it just so happens that Christmas is just around the corner "

This is my second AB/DL story the first one I never got to finish but I'm hoping that I will actually finish and upload.

some of these scenarios are from my actual life/ was inspired from my life :)

Big note here this was made in chapters at first

Prologue/The Beginning

Hello my name is Amy and I'm going to tell you guys a story about how I got diapered over the Christmas holidays.

To start off the story I'll just begin with some interesting facts about my life.

I have always been interested in diapers, I don't know why but from a young age my mom always told me the story about how I would refuse to get out of diapers when I was 3 years old.

But other then that I don't really remember anything about being interested in diapers.

Until I hit a certain age and I started to Explore my body.

It just so happened that I came across this adult video of a woman who was wearing diapers I didn't know at the time but it didn't really matter to me.

I was young and I didn't really understand everything yet but that was the first time I got off.

over the years I kept going back to watch diaper videos and looked at the pictures on tumblr before it took all the adult content down at first I felt gross and out of place because of

my fantasies but later I just learned to accept myself.

Eventually I got children diapers from family/friends, I took them without them knowing [obviously] and they didn't really turn out so well because they leaked everywhere.

so I just continued looking at videos and dreaming of being in them.

I even searched up on YouTube AB/DL and found other people's videos about their lives and their experiences with being a AB/DL or and being interested in diapers.

Eventually, I got a job and I took out money from my account so no one could see what I spent it on {aka my mom}.

I went to the store and got some men's adult diapers from the pharmacy and just said it was for my grandpa.

the reason I got the opposite sex diapers was so it wouldn't look as suspicious if they were ever found.

They ended up working perfectly until my mom found one of them in my closet so had to get rid of about half, I just ended up blaming it on my older sister pulling a prank,

she was always the mischievous child she liked to pick on me just because she was older.

I ended up hiding the rest of them in I a cardboard box {it wasn't just a normal box it looked a lot nicer} and I cut out a square from another box that was the perfect size so that when it

was in the box it would cover whatever was underneath also cut a hole in the bottom of the box so I could take one diaper at a time.

After that I actually got to experiment with them I would use them while no one was home.

{I never really was into messing but I did do it here and there. but my favorite part was wetting because it got so warm and I felt secure}

Next part already up check my profile

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