Amy's Diapered Holiday Part 3
Amy's Diapered Holiday Part 3 stories

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Part 3 of Amy's Diapered Holiday

By: me

Amy's Diapered Holiday Part 3

by me

The Next morning Accident!!!!!

I woke up and realized Me, my friends and my older sister all woke up wet!!!!!

Apparently we all had peed the bed I instantly knew it was something my sister had done but I couldn't prove it so there was no point in saying that it was her yet.

I was the first one up so I decided to enjoy myself and just lay in it (it was so nice and warm.

I even got up and decided to look underneath my friends sheet but then my friend started to get up.

{so I pretended like I fell right into her wet crotch}

"Omg" I yelled and we woke up everyone else i played it off like it was gross.

Amelia started to laugh and then everyone else did we were all pretty close so it was kinda funny

My mom walked in and got mad at all of us but she was also very sympathetic about it all and washed all of our sheets and clothes,

But not before I could take a pair of my friends wet panties and put them on.

My mom said that we all have to wait before we could take a shower until after lunch anyway we all kind of just smell like pee

So it's not like anyone would notice the smell.

while my mom was washing everything, we all had breakfast, bacon and eggs and toast.

All of a sudden I heard my mom scream at the top of her lungs for my name.

" Amy you better get your ass up here right now"

Amelia looked at me and said you better get going and my friends all laughed.I went up the stairs and my sister made a comment but I couldn't hear under her breath.

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