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An opening for a girl that entered another world

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Iris heard it again, the dripping of water that was no where to be seen. She looked outside her window, it wasn’t raining. Dad wasn’t washing the windows.

Iris looked around her sun-lit room, there were no leaks from her ceiling, no spilled drinks on her desk, nothing. No sign of any form of liquid dripping.

The first time Iris heard the drip drip was in the school bathroom, but she thought nothing of it. Then she heard it again a few days later, louder, longer, when eating dinner.

Then while shopping, in the car, in the lift to her flat, each time getting louder and longer. She didn’t tell anyone, of course. It wasn’t hurting her. There it is, again.

Iris got off her bed and tried to follow the sound, kicking away the worn clothes and empty crisp packets on the floor.

It wasn’t coming from her teddies, it wasn’t coming from her comics, it was coming from… the mirror?

Iris lumbered to her standing mirror and intensely stared at the grunge-looking girl staring back. Drip drip drip… The sound was still there, beckoning Iris to come closer.

She slowly put her bony hand on the mirror and tried to push as if it was a door. The dripping was booming, ear-splitting. Iris put her other hand on the mirror and pushed harder.

The dripping was cheering her, urging her to push harder. Iris tried with all her power and then, smack.

Her face hit a wooden floor. Wait, a wooden floor? Iris had carpet in her room. She got up, rubbing her sore nose.

Once her eyes got used to the sudden loss of light, she saw a windowless, tidy room that looked like a bedroom but there was no bed.

When her brain caught up with her eyes, Iris realised she wasn’t in her room anymore. Iris widened her eyes and quickly turned around. There was a mirror there but not her mirror.

She pressed her hands against the mirror but nothing happened. She pressed harder and harder, but nothing happened. The drip drip was gone.

Iris started banging desperately on the mirror, tears appearing in her eyes. “What the fuck just happened! Where am I!” She cried. “Sweetheart, please do not cry” A soft voice spoke behind her.

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