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We all Have A childhood sweet Who we Love the most!! Here's a Story Of Two childhood Sweets.. " LI WIE OR XIAO NAI" They Promised To each other To be Each others side Forever!! Does they Really be? To know Read The story And find Out Another Love Story..



It is based on childhood love story of "LI WEI" AND "XIAO NAI"

they Leave each other and then met each other


Here's one more love story of ---------

To know that u have to read the story









Once Upon A Time, A little Girl Name " Li Wie" and A little Boy name " Xiao Nai" Both Are Very Good Friends... They Take Care Of each other And Always Be with Each Other.

They promise Each other to stay with each other but the Luck don't want That I guess. Li wie migrate To another City and After That day They Never Met..

Xiao nai Now Became a teenager and Study In the School Suddenly, a Girl Transferred To His school from Another City's school.

And yeah that Girl Is Li wie, Xiao nai and li wie met each other again. Once they started caring each other but this time they started loving each other.

Xiao Nai Protect Li wie And Love Her The most. The school Is going To be End But before that Li wie's parents decide To sent Li wie To his Brother In Shanghai.

Li wie Had To left Xiao nai again The last Night They Met At the Love Bridge Li wie Said All the stuff To Xiao Nai.

He asked her To stay With him here! But, li wie Refused they cried A lot and then When Li wie Is trying to leave Xiao nai Kiss Her. They emotionally get damaged.

After Leaving For Shanghai Li wie All focused On her Study And tried To forget Xiao nai while With Xiao Nai he Just Thinking about her Only.

They complete Their High School and Now the time for university Both got a scholarship In same university Xiao Nai Is the Most Handsome Man in The university and when li wie Arrived She got

the crown Of university Beauty. One day they Both Dump On each other and once again their Caring and love start.

Li wie Had a very great friend name " Shan Shan " and Xiao Nai Is with his Brother name " li Xi" But there is a twist A girl name " jingxiao" incrupting their Love story,

she made trouble For li wie But Xiao nai always protect li wie From her dirty tricks.

Li wie know that Her Family Can't allow her to love him that's why she always afraid to show her love for Xiao nai. In between it there is another chemistry going on b/w Shan Shan And li xi.

They started falling for each other.

At the farewell party of university li wie And Xiao Nai Met Again At the love bridge Li wie Refused To love Him anymore, she said she can't afford to love him.

But, Xiao nai can do anything just To stay With her Xiao Nai Kissed Her and Li wie Can't refused.

Xiao Nai want a promise from li wie That She came back Tomorrow and she Said yes, but years and years Gone She Never Came back.

Xiao Nai Also Became A great Business Man, while With Shan Shan And Li xi they sacrifices Their Love for Their brother and sister.

One day Xiao Nai And Li Xi got an Invitation For dinner From their Very Great business partner Mr. Li They Went To the dinner And They saw Mr.

Li Is the brother Of Li wie They Met Again at the dinning table. Mr. Li Asked Xiao Nai For A good looking and Great Business Man just like him For Her Sister And Li Xi Asked Mr.

Li for a beautiful girl Like his Sister For his brother. Mr. Li Answered how about they date each other? Mr.

Li Suggest them to go for a walk After the dinner and asked Li Xi to stay with Shan Shan Here!!

Xiao nai accept the proposal And After The dinner they Went For A walk Xiao nai asked li wie For Explanation And Li wie Said she didn't have any other choice.

Xiao Nai And Li wie Now be Together Again And this Time her brother agree With them while With Shan Shan And Li Xi They both begin together too!!

Once Again jingxiao made a trouble To get Xiao Nai, She create A Misunderstanding Between them.

But this time Li wie Believe On Xiao Nai And Slapped Her And This Time Xiao nai's princess Protect Him.

Days and days Ago They came More Closed To each other, while With Them li Xi proposed Shan Shan for Marriage And She said Yes. It's the Time for Xiao Nai To get Yes from Her Father and mother.

Her Father Made a Agreement That He had To prove himself To get Li wie.

He had to work In forgien and Had to earn Money till $40,00,000 Dollars and He had Only 3 years For That if he completed The task He can Take Li wie But If Not He had To Forget Li wie.

years ago all Think That He never Came Back But he came He proved Himself And Take His Princess They Finally going to get Married but before That They Went To those Where they promise Each

other To stay With each other And once again promised each other.........





shan shan and li xi both are unable to find their childhood love.

One day Shan Shan saw a pic At the floor And Asked Li Xi about the pic, li Xi told the truth and Shan Shan took the pic and found out that it's her childhood pic.

She came back to room and took another pic and said Li Xi you are one I'll love In childhood days They both match their pics. And find out that there are also a Childhood Destiny....

They hug each other and cry...

This Is the Power Of true Love No one can Stop You To be Together So, love someone from The affection Of Heart Not From Attraction...

~~~~ THE ENDING ~~~~




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