To My Future Lover
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Another a love poem

To My Future Lover

Dear future lover,

Please know that I will never love another,

I will always be by your side,

No feelings will I have to hide,

That feeling I will feel deep in my core,

I wouldn't care if you were poor,

As long as I am with you,

There is nothing I wouldn't do,

To give you all of my love,

That's about as elegant as a dove,

You will mean the world to me,

And I will gladly get on one knee,

Just to put that ring on your finger,

So my love will linger,

You will be the cherry to my pie,

The apple in my eye,

You'll be the milk to my shake,

And the icing to my cake,

So to my future lover,

I will never get over,

The things I'm willing to do,

Just to show that I love you.

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