The Thing About Teal ~ KOTLC Oneshot
The Thing About Teal ~ KOTLC Oneshot kotlc stories

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KOTLC Pride month Oneshot.

The Thing About Teal ~ KOTLC Oneshot

A/N ~ Hey! This is my first time writing a one shot on this site, so it might be okay-ish Request Oneshots in the comments and I will write them! ~Porcelain Girl

[Sophie's POV] Sophie loved the color teal. Not the color itself, no she loved what it represented: her boyfriend. But lately, she hadn't been so sure. Fitz and she had been fighting more often and about smaller things.

After a particularly bad fight over her wearing ICE BLUE tunic to the store! Quoting Fitz 'It makes it seem like you're Keefe's even though you're mine!' Sophie scoffed at the memory. Even if she had liked Keefe he, himself was dating Tam. And who was Fitz to take possession over HER an elf not an item!

Even though the phrase 'You're mine' used to give her butterflies, now all it gave her were chills and not the good type. Sophie sighed breaking herself out of her train of thought. At least she had friends, right? Though Biana had been acting kind of strange lately.

Sophie lightly picked up a fallen Panakes' flower and started picking off the petals slowly. "I love him not, I love him, I love him not, I love him..." She looked down at the final flower "I love him not." She finished with a whisper.

"What are you doing?" Sophie spun around and came face to face with Biana. She blushed at their proximity and backed up, "Um, I uh," Biana nodded in silent understanding, "You're thinking about my brother." Sophie nodded and looked away from her.

[Biana's POV] Biana sighed and looked at her best friend, and longtime crush. Biana loved Sophie dearly, but how could she not see she had chosen the wrong Vacker? Fitz was her brother, and she loved him, but he wasn't the right fit for Sophie.

Every time she saw Sophie Biana was able to notice her frown deeper and her bags get darker. Biana knew deep down that Fitz was slowly killing her. Sophie was already the Moonlark, and on top of that, she had to be the perfect girlfriend.

Biana then decided right then and there they would talk about her brother. "Sophie," Biana bit her lip, "We need to talk about Fitz." Biana noticed the tears forming her friend's eyes. "I know Biana but..." Biana wrapped her into her arms.

"Sophie, everyone is worried. Even Stina! You look like a zombie without the rotting flesh." Sophie then began to cry. "I can't do it anymore Bi. We aren't working. I'm not working." Biana squeezed her. Sophie smiled sadly up at her, "I don't feel happy anymore."

Biana smiled softly at her, "Then I'll make you happy." Sophie laughed and rubbed her face against Biana's shoulder. "Stay with me and watch the sunset?" Sophie asked hopefully. Biana smiled widely, "Of course."

A/N Sorry about the terrible ending. ;-; I had no idea how I wanted it to end? Or maybe I just had another idea ;) Like, comment, request!!!! ~Porcelain Girl

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