Quest for the Stars ~ Recruitment
   Quest for the Stars ~ Recruitment percy jackson stories

lithium_sun I will roast you
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Quest for the Stars ~ Recruitment

Hello guys!!!! I have decided to do a PJO fanfic. But this is going to be a little different... 1.I literally can't write this without you guys! 2.Your oc are the main characters sooo please comment them or message me if you want to keep it a secret....

Character Form ~ Name: Age: (13-15 preferably) Godly Parent/ Legacy: (one or the other) Weapon: Camp: Personality: (Optional) Pro god/ anti god (NOT OPTIONAL!!!)

Example: Bylthe Green 14 Nemesis Axe Camp Halfblood Snarky, sarcastic, loyal Anti God

I think I need about ten characters so please! If you participate shout this out so it can spread. After ten characters you will still be in the story just not in the spotlight.

Thank you so much! And remember to comment!!!! ~Porcelain Girl Edit: You can make up you're own character. This is what I meant

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