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BNHA Headcannons

Izuku Midoriya ~ 1.He hates the fact that he stutters. 2. He dislikes but respects villains 3. Makes himself have All Might's hairdo after he gets out of the shower

Himiko Toga~ 1. Abused as a child and likes blood as a coping method. 2. Sincerely wants to be friends with Uraraka 3. Asks Dabi to do her hair for her.

Ejjirou Kirishima~ 1. One of his parents' quirk has to do with sharks 2. He wears his hair down at home 3. The scar over his eye is from training when he you control his quirk as well

Denki Kaminari ~ 1. Really good at playing the electric guitar 2. Likes American music 3. His hair is natural

Shouto Todoroki ~ 1. Listens to Panic! at the Disco 2.Loves depressing romance novels(cried a lot at the endings) 3. Still looks for Touya (a/n *winks to my manga readers*)

Occahco Uraraka~ 1. Didn't actually have a crush on Deku until Aoyama brought it to her mind 2.Part of a big family 3. Cuts her hair herself (I'm sorry I had to 😅)

Katsuki Bakugou ~ 1. Likes Disney waaaayy too much 2. Reads the Hunger Games but is Team Nobody 3.Secretly admires Deku

A/N Let me just say. YOGA IS AMAZING. Sorry Had to get it out of my system.... QOTD: Favorite BNHA villian??! MA: You already know(Toga)

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