A Self-Published Writer's Story
A Self-Published Writer's Story lesbians stories

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The backstory of the birth of a new book series.

A Self-Published Writer's Story

by literarystud photo by david turnbull

Once upon a time, not too long ago, a writer embarked on a journey of self-discovery. photo by adrian valenzuela

An avid reader, she struggled to relate to mainstream authors who could never walk in her shoes.

And characters who weren’t tailored to her community.

As a writer, she tried to conform to society’s standards but her words were stagnant and manuscripts remained unfinished.

She became the stereotypical writer and a published work seemed like a hopeless tick off the bucket list.

Then inspiration struck and she took a chance on writing her truth.

The words flowed, her cryptic handwriting spanning across white, college-ruled pages.

Notebooks soon littered her desk and the floor. Pages and pages of love between Lesbians of Color.

Completed chapters were painstakingly typed in the wee hours of the morning.

Finally, she had a finished product but hadn’t the patience to wait for traditional publishing methods.

She needed her stories to reach a unique market.

She knew it was time to chase her dreams.

She took a leap, unsure of the outcome but determined to try. Photo by Araí Moleri Riva-Zucchelli

A new book series was born. Readers loved it.

Soon, she had three published works and more to come.

And the writer lived happily ever after. Moral of the story: You don’t know unless you try.

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