Welcome to my Garden...

Welcome to my Garden... flowers stories

literallyrosieMy mind is an ocean full of thoughts.
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The delightful aroma that wafts through the air. The sound of birds chirping and chimes twinkling. The pain, hurt and sorrow that lies deep within my garden.

Welcome to my Garden...

I’ve been watching from afar for a while now.

Over the tall fences you put to block me off.

All I do is see. Admire the beauty of your flowers. Adore their aroma.

I must get closer, please.

Open the gate to your garden my love. Let me embrace the blossoms of your life, so that I can feel the softness of the petals.

These hands are not that of a gardener, but you can show me.

Show me how to hold the stems, and how to water your plants.

Just open the gate and let me in. I want to frolic through your fields of green. I want to bask in your sunlight, and feel your warmth. I want to sleep under your trees, shaded by their leaves.

I promise.

I promise I will be gentle, when I cradle your rose.

I am aware it bears thorns, but even if I prick myself, I will love it no less, for its everlasting beauty remains.

So, listen my love, open your gates, and let me in to your garden, the garden that is your heart.

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