Company of Pain

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Sometimes, even in pain, we find company to give us a small bit of hope

Company of Pain

And oh the sands of time flow, softly into the sea. With each hungry, lapping wave pulling apart all that will be.

With every passing current, the ocean foam replays; all the haunted memories, all the darkened days.

And beyond the water blue the dark horizon waits, streaks of midnight swirling to wash away the gray.

And even though we know the sun will never rise; sometimes, even in the dark, we are forced to close our eyes.

Behind closed lids, new perspective is gained, if we listen closely, still weeping in the rain,

eventually we'll find; we are not alone. In the company of pain we have made a home.

So come, tell me your tale, I swear I'll listen intent, For I live, too, in a world, where only darkness descends.

But perhaps in the black, And seemingly so far, Maybe, just maybe, We'll find light in the stars.

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