Time by: Lisha
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lisha Experience is the other name for mistake
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with time there are some changes which are irreversible in nature. We cannot change them no matter how much effort is given.

Time by: Lisha

I was told that Angels are born holy with shiny eyes and magical powers and a pair of beautiful wings spreading the dust of happiness and peace in the places they go.

While wondering in a forest I saw a creature it was girl, siting by the lake side watching over the beautiful reflection in the water.

I could see the reflection glowing from within the lake I was curious, from a distance I started walking towards the glowing light.

The reflection was of a beautiful angel I heard of in the stories. Expecting a great moment of epiphany I extended my hand towards the Angel in front of me.

I was in a forest of the greens when out of the blue the girl turned back to me, throwing me into a deep despair. She had dark eyes devoid of any light. As she stood up she flapped her black wings into the air.

It was the most painful moment when I realized that the reflection in the lake was mine. And that the girl I have become was just in front of my eyes.

thank you for reading :)

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