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Needing to be understood help

by Liseyp

Yes I'm bipolar I think it's a gift aswel as a curse, I can

Express my feelings in poetry they can be ,'out of the box" I'm very deep and emotional loyal to a fault for a friend, sometimes I'm fast sometimes I'm

Slow never finding an inbetween it's one or other very extreme, I'd say I'm a fighter , have had to suss myself out, looked into every part of my inner soul to work out what I'm all about, I've

I've loved and lost so many friends and family I've even lost my kids, I think I'm safe can't get any lower than this, I'm sick of being the butt of gossip some people just take the piss, well si

Silly gossips from simple minded forty faced DEMONS, make my head spin here are the reasons,

They call me names when I'm out at the shop, it makes me go manic feel ready to drop, now a day it takes a lot to walk out of my door, when I think things can't get worse life says MORE MORE MOR

I'm 40 yrs old now my fighting days have gone,i don't understand some people nowadays were does all the hate come from,please leave me alone stop forcing my hand,

If u think I'm a sickness u don't understand, people can be so nasty they should feel so ashamed, I'm sick of people pointing fingers and I'm always to blame, my children got legally stolen when

I was at my lowest, by the time I'd come back down earth they were gone been poisoned hate growth and growth, now I learn my children have been turned against me they hate me so so much, they sal

I left them when they were younger, they are my babies who I know no longer, shame on you for turning a child against there mother, what kind of person are you to make my kids hate me, is it not

Enough that I've let you take, I did it for the children's sake, I thought I could trust you with this special task,uve betrayed me the ultimate lie this is fact, for the love of my children I ma

A huge decision, I let them go I pathed the way, I never thought in my deepest thought the children were slowly being bought, I've turned them against me wow what kind of people are you, you know

What I've been thru the pain the hurt u knew, my world is hanging by a thread, betrayed like this plays with it head,when I hear the stories I can't believe what is being said,

So in a way HE won , his family have the kids, he sees them on a day to day, it's so unfair I'm screaming NO WAY, my kids were stolen and legally so,denied access to my kids to miss them grow,

You didn't have topoisen them so now they hate me so,it is so wrong the way you lied to them so, you'd already took my most precious things I didn't stand in the way, i knew that I had become ilI

That things were not OK, it took so much to let them go it proves my love I think, I let them go to be safe and loved they were gone in a blink, but now you want all they are all to yourself,

I cannot believe you are doing this you are ruining my mental health, my son called me a slag last night with hatred on his face, he looked at me like a piece of shit full of disgrace, my childre

Are being turned on me encouraged to be full of hate, I was ill in hospital unable to go to spend time , they were led to believe I'd just stopped seeing them dead, that it was all my fault I was

In the head,encouraged to call her mummy instead, I can't believe what has happened and there's nothing I can do, I'm not allowed to see my kids to tell them what's not true, I'm not blameless I'

Definitely also to blame, I don't deserve what has happened don't you feel no shame, I grew these babies inside me for nine months ,I got up threw the night to feed, I'd wipe there tears,id talk

To them about the things they feared,i was so stupid I can't believe how much I kept having him back again and again, you begged me not to so I've got myself to blame, but the price I've tw

Pages is far too much,uve stolen my children away from me I've trampled all over my trust, you rip me down and cause them to hate,theres nothing I can do I realised too late, shame on you with

Your stories and your lies,for abusing my trust and knitting my back ignoring my deep painfully cries, so I've taken my kids for your own and made me look bad and unworthy, for fuelling the gossi

And adding on lies, it's happened to me in front of my eyes,its legal and binding with law on there side, I'm just mental that's what they say to change this I tried I TRIED,he won the war my hec

Has gone, I can't believe this can happen,legally kidnapping children, shame on you both for taking them away you already had them I'd give them to you,u knew exactly what I'd just come thru,

My children now strangers who I do not know, I don't like there nasty attitudes what they say too low low blow, they are filled with hatred told many lies and misled, they've totally turned them

Against me bullshit filled there head, so now I have to live with this nothing I can do how can law allow this to happen to people who are mentally challenged, it's disgusting that I am only ever

Going to be that nutter judged unfairly,its driving me insane does anyone else agree at the end of the day the war is lost they are all just shitting on me, noone helps noone cares they say

It's for the best, well fuck that it's wrong my kids are gone he beat me broke me took everything and left me in the gutter how has this happened I don't believe in good anymore,its none existing

Abused so now I do not have trust, it's a dark world here, no hope or dreams allowed, like a performing bear trapped performing for the crowd

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