Desperate lengths fireandspunk
Desperate lengths fireandspunk fireandspunk stories

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Desperate lengths fireandspunk

by Liseyp Have u ever danced alone in the dark of the night, just dancing and d

As high as a kite, not stopping just dancing until the morning light,

I wish I could say my life is healthy, but I'm so distinctive and distracted up never be wealthy

I've suffered with mental illness all of my life, off,,,bipolar,,,send, I just try to get by day to day it's hard being me

My head I can handle I'm used to how that functions, but about 15 years ago now I came to one of life's junctions,i took the wrong turn Were can I begin

My children's father wasa very bad man, he'd beat me abuse me that's how my habit began, I had a couple of cracked ribs I was in a lot of pain, the doctor gave me codiene, from that first dose

My destiny changed, after a couple of days taking them I suddenly realised, it wasn't just the pain of my injuries they were treating, it was also the pain inside my head it was numb

I began retreating yes retreating,, I never had a bloody clue that I'd become an addict, I'd didn't care one little bit my head calmed when I had it

Addiction is an evil desired, takes complete control of your life, I existed from day to day abused, but who cares when he high as a kite

That was twenty years ago now, he has long since gone, he took the kids i let them go I did what I thought was right Believe it or not, I still haven't kicked the habit, but I'm self medicating

I just can't stand feeling anything it makes me panic x

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