I'm 14 and I want to take a stand against bombings.

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I'm 14 and I want to take a stand against bombings.

2016 for me was the scariest year of all.

I watched my heroes die. I watched bombs go off in the news. I watched people shoot entire areas. What the heck is wrong??

This is not okay.

The attack on New York. It breaks my heart.

I'm thankful nobody died. But the effects are felt.

It brings fear to all of us. It makes me worried for my family. I'm worried about those who got hurt. I'm scared that there are people like the bomber who roam the streets.

It makes me sad that my little brother had to ask:

Is anywhere really safe now?

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Keep learning to write, keep your smarts. Don't get phased by anyone who tries to scare you into not expressing your thoughts.

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You have a beautiful and precious soul. I also stand against bombing indiscriminate innocents. Great post!!!!!!