I Still Secretly Love Pokemon and You Probably Do Too

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I'm not afraid to admit it. Are you?

I Still Secretly Love Pokemon and You Probably Do Too

I was obsessed with Pokemon when I was a kid.

Charizard was my favorite. And of course Pikachu.

But as we grew older.....Pokemon left my life

My cards sit in a desk drawer waiting for me. The video games have been long sold. I don't know why I stopped. I guess because my friends did.

But truth be told.....I still have a sweet spot for them.

I think every 90s kid does. I mean how could you not?

There is a Pokemon for everyone.

There are macho strong Pokemon. There are cute cuddly Pokemon. There are angry ones. There are happy ones. There is seriously something for everybody.

I can never get the big emotional moments out of my mind.

The moment when MewTwo almost killed every Pokemon out there. The moment when Lugia made its first appearance. The moment when Ash nearly died saving Pikachu.

If you at one point loved Pokemon

There is still a little bit of it in you.

Be proud of it. I am :)

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