Newtonian Flight
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Newton had first flight jitters and talked to Einstein about it. (Please criticize)

Newtonian Flight

Sir Isaac Newton sat in silence. Next to him was an Everest-grade dreadnaught’s main gun, loaded and ready to be fired.

He looked up at the ever-twilight sky of Proxima Centauri b, focusing directly at a spot between two stars.

Then, with a little hint of annoyance, sighed and looked to his left, where Albert Einstein was lying down. “Are you sure that’s where your rainbow bridge is?” he asked.

Einstein frowned and sat.

His eyebrows knitted as he looked back at Newton, saying, “First of all, it is called an Einstein-Rosen bridge—and, if you’re not really comfortable with it, a wormhole. Second: of course.

Don’t you think I’ll remember where I put a cosmic-scale toll gate?”

Newton shook his head. "No, I was just…" He looked back at the sky and sighed again. He took a deep breath and, slowly, said, "Nervous, I guess. This will be my first time using a wormhole.

" He looked to his right, where the gun was laying, pointed at the spot Einstein promised was a bridge to make his travel faster.

"With a scavenged canon from a spaceship unlucky enough to be hit by a missed projectile, nonetheless."

This time, it was Einstein's turn to sigh. He looked past his friend where the gun laid and said, "Look, we've been through this.

It was scavenged, yes, but was rebuilt by our best engineer and was supervised by you, yourself. You saw how everything went." He looked at Newton with an annoyed face.

"To top it off, that bridge has been there for, what, ten millennia? Older than your rebirth! What could possibly go wrong?"

Newton chuckled and shook his head. "You know, Murphy once told me that sentence is the password to catastrophe."

Einstein frowned and jabbed Newton's shoulders. "Don't be such a downer. You're making me worried." He smiled and, before long, the two shared a hearty laugh.

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