His Butler, Smashed Up II
His Butler, Smashed Up II sebaciel stories

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Damian was finally given the Phantomhive Hospitality after he did something to Sebastian Ciel could never forgive.

His Butler, Smashed Up II

The short walk to the pool room had continually glances from both the males. Ciel wondered if Sebastian knew that he liked him, he wouldn't be shocked, though.

He's been staring at him all night. Most importantly, he's been staring at his lips.

As they got to the pool room Damian was already talking both their ears off, Ciel didn't like this. So he frowned. "Why do you have to always talk, Damian. Let's just play a game of pool.

Sebastian included making this fair. If you do not accept this offer you may leave the manor, I'll have Sebastian escort you out."

A shocked look appeared on the older man's face, "I accept, Lord Phantomhive.

" A smirk appeared then they began playing, Sebastian knowing how Ciel prefers to play skips his turn every round till he sticks his hand out.

"My, My. There's three left, not two, master." The thing is, Sebastian knew he'll make all of them. There was no doubt about it, he taught him how to play pool perfectly.

"I know, Sebastian. Move." With that, the butler moved. Ciel began to bring his pole to the table and carefully lining it up with a perfect angle that'll knock all three in different holes.

Adding the right amount of force, Ciel knocked the three in.

Neither of them understood the shocked face on the scammer, "what? If you can't do that you aren't a proper nobleman." That wasn't true. Hardly anyone with a human teacher can do that.

"No, sorry, Phantomhive. It's getting late, I should go.

" Sebastian looked at Ciel with a grin on his face and for a slight moment, his eyes blazed magenta but went down when the other man looked at him.

"Let's go, Sir Damian." With that, they both walked out. This caused Ciel to watch them walk out.

Muttering "I don't fucking like you." He walked out of the pool room. "My fists will never be unclenched when you want our companies to work together.

" By now he was watching them both from the window, that's when he saw the male smack, Sebastian.

Pulling off his eye patch he commanded even from the manor, "get rid of him, Sebastian." He watched as he saw Sebastian stick his hand into his chest and how the male was pleading for mercy.

This brought a smile upon the earl's face. "This day has been fun after all."

Knowing Ciel was watching he took care of the man as clean as he could. Simply shoving his arm through his chest and grabbing his heart took him out and he screamed till he couldn't anymore.

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