Do You Need Me To Pull It Up // Killugon
Do You Need Me To Pull It Up // Killugon killua stories
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KIllua and Gon go shopping, will it result into them finally confessing? This isn't the full thing, so if you want to read the rest please go and read it on the link V

This is a repost from Ao3, I wrote it and everything. I will put the link if you wanna follow me on there :)

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Do You Need Me To Pull It Up // Killugon

Gon and Killua have met a lot of people, but none of their names ring a bell to them. It's always been like this, though. Gon was always talkative but Killua wasn't.

Getting pulled out of his thoughts he looked over at the boy who was about his height.

"Killua! Can we please go to the mall?" Gon looked at him like a kid would if they're asking their parents to go to a candy store.

"Yeah, sure. Whatever you want." He didn't care where they went he would follow him always. It's what he promised to do, there was nothing he could do about it.

But he wouldn't change the deal for the world. He loved being with Gon, most importantly he loves Gon. This isn't shocking, everybody knew but Gon.

Everyone says Gon likes him back and that he's blind from not seeing that. What is there to see? An adorable 16-year-old boy who he fell in love with.

"Killua! Were you listening?" Gon's voice was laced with concern this has been happening a lot lately.

He wants to tell Killua how he feels but he doesn't want Killua to zone out whilst he's doing it.

"Oh, yeah." He caught some of it, it was going into Zumiez. "I'd love to go to Zumiez, Gon." He said with a smile. He should probably stop thinking, he always got caught when Gon was around.

"Are we going there first?" He asked.

"Of course, I know you probably want to look at more skateboards. And after we can go to eat." The food court was next to the store, 'he thought about this' Killua thought.

When they walked into the store Gon grabbed his hand and ran to the skateboards. This was normal but it always seemed to make Killua blush. It shouldn't. This made him pissed.

He loved it, though. Everything about Gon he loved. His spiked hair, his green hoodie with basic skinny jeans down to his champion shoes that they joke that they're condom shoes.

His eyes are kinda hazel with gold, which made Killua love them even more.

"What about this," he lifted Zero Single Skull 8.0" Skateboard, he was looking at this online a few days ago.

"I was looking at that online a few days ago, Gon. It's perfect." With a smile, he held it in his arms and they began looking at other skateboards to see if Gon wanted one.

Gon got into skating when they came back to America. Killua was happy enough to teach him and it worked out perfectly.

Despite their traveling, it was an amazing hobby for them both to enjoy with each other.

After a while they found a perfect skateboard, they both decided to go with an 8'. This was perfect for Gon though, it was white and flowers.

With getting bored this all they began checking out. Heading to the food court they ended up hand and hand again.

They both seemed to blame this always the other or just both being nervous, which might be true they just enjoyed each other's company.

"What would you like, Killua?" He said with a smile. Knowing that'll he'll either pick Chinese or just the simple pizza place on the other side of the court.

"I'd like the pizza place, if you don't mind, of course." The other nodding his head they began walking there.

After a while of waiting in line, they took notice of the weird looks and let go of the others hand. This made both of them upset until they were next.

"What can I get you both today?" Said the lady, she was mostly talking to Killua almost forgetting Gon was there.

"We'll have just a medium cheese pizza and some breadsticks." He said while grabbing ahold of Gon's hand again.

This action, of course, shocked the cashier but she said "okay, it'll be right out." With a disappointed face, Gon looked at Killua.

"You didn't have to do that, you could've gotten her number if you wanted." Killia stayed silent though still having their hands together they waited for the pizza in silence.

When the Pizza came out

he told Killua "You got a problem?" he tried to sound confused and it worked.

A simple reply came from Killua, "do you need me to pull it up?" With that, they began eating. It didn't make sense, he was guessing it was never going to.

So with that, he decided today he will tell Killua his real feelings. After a while they began heading home, the walk was short. Since they wanted an apartment close to everything.

What he didn't know is it'll go way better than he imagined.

Pulling them both to sit on the couch he said, "I need to tell you something." Of course, Killua saw how he was acting and asked If he was alright.

"Of course I am, I just need to tell you something.

" Taking a deep breath he said "I've liked you for a while, I never told you because people kept saying you liked me and I didn't want to be told I was wrong just by you.

Today just made me want to tell you. I'm glad I can finally get this off my chest."

After Gon kept rambling he finally said, "I like you too." They both looked at each other happily and hugged each other.

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