Technology Sometimes Makes Early Adopters Look Like Criminal

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Technology Sometimes Makes Early Adopters Look Like Criminal

The funny thing about being in tech is that early adopters sometimes appear to look a lot like criminals.

I got a COIN for Christmas.

I have wanted one since they launched. It's a device that stores multiple credit cards, gift cards, or any card with a magnetic strip.

After Christmas, I went on vacation to Florida

The first time I nonchalantly used my coin was at a local breakfast stop after landing.

The waiter was in awe of the COIN.

"Pretty cool" I thought. "This is going to be great."

This is not the prevailing trend.

Later that day I was checking out at a grocery store.

Now the cashier was extremely skeptical and decided to call over his supervisor. I tried to explain that it was just a device. I was now being stared at by several people.

The funny thing about being in tech

is that early adopters sometimes appear to look a lot like criminals.

The second example is around a year ago

I had a sinus infection and decided to give telemedicine a try instead of going in person to a doctor.

I downloaded an app I had heard about

It prompted me asking for my symptoms and in a few minutes I was connected with a doctor in a similar interface such as FaceTime/Skype or the like.

He prescribed me some antibiotics

After asking him where he was located, he responded, London. He then said the telemedicine company would fax over my prescription to the Walgreens pharmacy near my apartment in San Francisco

I walked down the street to pick up my prescription

I was told my prescription was not filled. The pharmacist told me that she was uncomfortable filling such prescription.

Both of these examples bring up an interesting point

We may have an excellent product/service for the end customer, but that is not enough.

We need to ensure we predict roadblocks

and bring ALL stakeholders and customer touch points into the loop of product development.

In the cases, stakeholders would be merchants & pharmacists

If Coin would have put a small blurb of text on the back of the device to merchants telling them about COIN that could potentially prevent many issues.

For telemedicine companies, it would be educating pharmacies

Teaching them how to handle and embrace telemedicine while ensuring the safety/ethicality of such practices.

Companies are bringing waves of innovation

to industries, such as financial services and healthcare, that in many cases have not seen change in decades.

There will be more stakeholders that to be considered.

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@lipmanb how did you find about early products like these? esp the medicine one....

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Cool post! Do you still use Coin today? Would you ever try that online medical place again?

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I know you guys are pretty early adopters. Have you gotten any funny looks from when you tried out new products? @lelper @sarharibhakti @sara @varadhjain @dlee @tomaxwell @johnconklegmailcom @neeharika @lawrence I remember getting a lot of funny looks when first trying out Snapchat