Delilah Lilac Ford ~ Teaser
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Teaser for my next story! Hope you enjoy!

Delilah Lilac Ford ~ Teaser

Regrets, feelings, what ifs- They cloud my mind. I just... When my head hits the pillow at nightfall, they just pile up.

Does anyone else feel this way?

Does anyone understand what i'm going through? Like- Like the whole weight of the world is on your shoulders?

Anyway, I should probably introduce myself. I mean, like, you guys are imaginary but... If you aren't... just in case.

If you see me on the street, or hear my name, don't be a stranger! By the end of the day you'll know me better than my closest friend.

Oh... ha ha... isn't that exciting?

A- a total stranger! Who would know me better than- Stop it- just... Yeah, um...

ahem- feel free to talk to me.

I'm Delilah Lilac Ford. Yeah, yeah I know. "Delilah Lilac". It can sometimes be a bit of a mouthful.

Not that that's bad. It's a really pretty name. So yeah... I'm Delilah Lilac, 16 years of age, and I aspire to be a actor on brodway and socialisable.

Like, people don't run away from me as soon as I speak to them.

Also, call me Lil. Pronounced L-I-L. Like the Lily. Lily's are beautiful. I've always had a thing for them.

Today, you will be experiencing- well not experiencing, it's more like observing...

Okay, okay. Today you will be observing my thoughts, feelings, relationships- not that I have any- and basically, my life.

Now isn't this... uh... Awesome? Exuberating- Oh yes! Exciting! I feel like i've used that word a lot today...

And yeah, welcome to my mind!

Hello! Thanks for reading this far, it means a lot! Anyway, hopefully this helps you get the gist of what my next story is about ;))

As always, stay safe, be kind, and keep living life to the fullest! ~ Lio

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