Paper heart - Depression
Paper heart - Depression depression stories

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How I feel

Paper heart - Depression

Demon of mine

You sit right there and you smile

I try to pretend

That we are friends

and that you'd never lie

I put a toe

Over the edge

I feel the knife

To my chest

To scared to breathe

But if I might

I might just win this war against myself

Break the wall that I built myself

I might just feel the way everyone else feels

And not as though it is I whose the imposter in my life

I try to swim

I try to drown

Seems like there's

Only one way out

But the misery and pain it will cause in its wake

Feels far too much for my paper heart to take

I wish I was brave

And I wish I was strong

And I know it may look like that from head on

But if look closer at the cracks and the curves

You will see that my mask isn't grand to behold

It is fake and its damaged there are scars to behold

Its not that bad

I know

There's worse out there than him

But his him

And I'm me

And I'm scared to be free

Because being free

Doesn't necessarily mean

That I will learn to love me.

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