Sink or Swim.
Sink or Swim. swimming stories

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Girl underwater & water becomes strength.

Sink or Swim.

This story is true! ©Linda J. Wolff

In 1971, at the age of 10, I learned to swim.

Going to a swimming pool or a lake wasn't a convenience.

Swimming was learned at an older age.

I remember that day.

Father took us to a lake in the middle of what seemed emptiness.

An old dock protruded into a large lake surrounded by many trees.

He looked at me with a seriousness in his eyes.

and said: "Today is the day we learn to sink or swim."

All of a sudden he picked me up into his arms and threw me into the lake.

I was pissed. But then I panicked. Down. Down. Down I went.

Underwater and I couldn't see anything.

I started flailing my arms this way and that. Kicked my legs as hard as I could.

Darkness surrounded me. I'm underwater and drowning.

I don't want to die. I dove my hands upward, pulled the water behind me. Kicked my legs with all my life.

My eyes saw the light. My body broke the water's edge.

I inhaled.

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