I'm a Juvenile Chick
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Crack me from the inside out. It’s a skill,

I'm a Juvenile Chick

Crack me from the inside out.

It’s a skill,

And I’m the juvenile chick—

A girl-from-the-countryside,

But who is countryside? I’m shifting

idealized in the teenager’s face brunette innocence:

Speckled white shell against a colorful backdrop.

Body tanned and sitting. Smile cracking from the whites of shell:

“…of the Summer.” Hell no, I’ll change that to a lifetime—

bare-skin points to art, breathtaking grandiose of lost traditions:

Sexuality and luncheons on granules of sand.

The venues of manipulation— eyes daring you to permeate

through like watercolor, permeate;

She’s not undressed on the beach, or in the countryside

a scantily two-piece bikini over the secret parts,

Fresh fruits over hidden parts, roses as secret parts—

Be sorry. Because no-one sees,

Don’t be sorry, Because they gaze.

©Linda J. Wolff

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