My Hero Academia SEASON 4! FANFICTION BY: Kat E. Martin
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In this episode, we're gonna find out a little bit about Lina Samurai's background.

My Hero Academia SEASON 4! FANFICTION BY: Kat E. Martin

Episode 2: The New Girl Prt 2

Lina Samurai walked up the front steps to UA High. OK, day two, Lina told herself. Remember your training, stay frosty, don't let anything distract you.

"Hey, Lina!" a girl's voice called out. Lina turned to see Uraraka running up to her. "I want to congratulate you on your performance during battle training yesterday," she said, breathlessly.

"," Lina said, putting on a shy act. "You're so COOL!" Uraraka continued. "You were like HA! and then HIYA! and KAPOW!"

Lina could feel excited emotions radiating from her. "I-It's nothing really," she said quietly.

"NOTHING?!" Uraraka said. "THAT wasn't NOTHING!" Both girls continued into the building to their homeroom class. "That was AMAZING!" Uraraka continued as they walked through the halls. "You were on FIRE girl!"

Lina lowered her head, pretending to be embarrassed. "You've GOT to teach me some of your moves!" Uraraka said as they walked into room 1a.

Lina only nodded and quickly walked over to her desk. She sat down and pulled out a black hardback book, opened it after grabbing a pencil, and began to draw.

Unlike everything else she did at UA High, which was all an act, Lina LOVED to draw, people especially. She had multiple sketches of Almight, her mom, and even a few of herself.

Lina tapped the end of her pencil against her chin, trying to think of what or who to draw next.

Suddenly, someone with very EXPLOSIVE emotions entered the room. Lina looked up from her sketchbook to see Katsuki Bakugou standing in the doorway, staring at her.

The moment their eyes locked, crushy feelings radiated from Bakugou. Lina found her heart fluttering slightly as they exchanged glances.

She quickly looked back down at her sketchbook as she felt her cheeks grow warm.

Come on, Lina, the male voice from her conversation last night said in her head. Focus on the task I have given you.

That male voice belonged to her father, Kane Samurai, aka Darkstalker. Leader of The Sons' of Darkness, Japan's most fearsome villain cult, and Lina was a valued member of the group.

She was also the youngest member of The Sons' of Darkness, which was why she was chosen fo the task to kill Almight.

Her father loathed Almight with every fiber of his being.

Kane and Almight used to be best friends, but Almight betrayed her father, now the two were mortal enemies.

Lina didn't mind missing her classes at Future Villians High, in fact, she kinda liked the change of pace...for a while at least.

Bakugou stared at her the entire time he walked to his seat.

Lina pretended not to notice. Don't pay attention to him, Lina told herself. Even if you find him surprisingly cute.

That's all I have for now! Stay tuned for the rest of Episode 2! UA HIGH RULES!

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