My Hero Academia SEASON 4! FANFICTION BY: Kat E. Martin
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The rest of Episode 1!

My Hero Academia SEASON 4! FANFICTION BY: Kat E. Martin

She sat down in her seat still looking down. Lina stole a quick glance at Bakugou but quickly looked away when he turned to look at her.

Throughout the rest of the class, Bakugou couldn't stop stealing glances at Lina. The time came for Almight's class, and it was battle training.

I always enjoy this class, Bakugou thought with a grin. Everyone had their suits on and was pumped for battle training. Bakugou looked around for Lina, but he couldn't find her. They all stood in a room that reminded him of a sound studio.

In front of them was a big glass window that let them see the room where the actual training was held.

"E-Excuse me," a small voice said to Bakugou right. He turned to see Lina maneuvering between the other kids.

She wore a black ninja suit that had silver body armor along her arms, legs, chest, back, and shoulders. She wore a mask that only covered her eyes that tied off at the back of her head.

Bakugou's heart rolled painfully in his chest and the warm, fuzzy feeling returned.

Stop it, he ordered himself, shaking off those feelings. Focus on battle training.

Lina's eye's searched around the room until they found his. She waved shyly at him then focused on Almight.

She was looking for me, Bakugou's heart skipped a beat. He shook his head and growled.

Focus, Bakugou, he chastised himself. Not on the pretty new girl that seems to like me. "First up, Katsuki Bakugou," Almight said.

"Yeah, I'll show you all how it's done," Bakugou boasted. He walked into the battle room through the door at the far right of the observation room. When the door closed, a holographic screen popped up showing three levels; Easy, Medium, and Hard.

Of course, he chose Hard. The screen disappeared and a secret door opened in front of him and a bunch of robots marched out. Bakugou activated his quirk and lunged at the robots. In less than five minutes, all the robots had been smashed to pieces.

THAT felt good! Bakugou thought. He walked back into the observation room. He stood in front of the window, arms across his chest with a cocky smile that said; "Beat THAT!"

"Lina Samurai, you're up." She nodded her head and walked into the battle room. The screen popped up again, showing her the options.

Suddenly, Lina swiped the screen to the right, showing one more level; EXPERT.

What the-! Bakugou's mind gasped. Lina clicked on the EXPERT level without hesitation. At least ten more robots than what Bakugou had fought appeared. They were also bigger and bulkier, too.

"Is she crazy?" he muttered. Suddenly, Lina charged at the nearest robot with surprising speed. Lina attacked the bots without mercy, tearing off their heads, slamming them onto the ground, and punching her fists through their chests.

Holy crap! Bakugou's mind gasped. She's so freaking good! Lina stood there, panting in the middle of the room with destroyed robots all around her.

The warm and fuzzy feeling returned to his chest, stronger this time.

Stop liking her, he growled to himself. After battle training was over, scores were posted. Bakugou scanned the list for his name. He was in second with fifty points, only ten points behind the leader...LINA.

Why wasn't I told about the EXPERT level? his mind snarled. His hands balled into fists and his body tensed up.

"U-um...excuse me?" a small voice asked. Bakugou spun around to find himself face-to-face with Lina Her eyes were even more sparkly up close.

"I-uh," Lina stammered. "Well...I-I s-saw you fight and-" She fiddled with her hands but kept her eyes locked with his.

She took a deep breath and blurted; "I think you're an awesome fighter and your quirk is super cool." She looked at the ground, embarrassed. "WAY cooler than MY quirk," she added.

Lina looked up at him. "What's it like to have such a powerful quirk? Did you manifest early? I manifested at age three, which is earlier than most, I guess."

The more she talked, the stronger the warm and fuzzy feeling grew in Bakugou's chest. "You're probably the BEST hero at UA High," Lina said.

Bakugou's heart skipped a beat and he got a hiccupy feeling in his throat. Lina tilted her head at him. "Are you OK?" "Me?" Bakugou said, swallowing down the hiccupy feeling. "I'm fine."

Lina was about to say something when Almight's voice called her name. "I-uh...I better go," Lina said.

She turned around, then she hesitated. "I...I like your suit." And with that, she was gone.

Bakugou just stood there, his heart beating painfully in his chest.

Wow, he thought as he watched her go. She's so...WOW.

LATER THAT DAY, AFTER SCHOOL... Lina's cell phone rang from her purse. She opened her purse, pulled out her phone, and accepted the call.

"Yes?" she answered. "So?" a male voice asked. "How'd it go?" "Good so far," Lina said. "No one even suspects me. They think I'm just this shy little girl from Tokyo that's well trained."

"Perfect," the voice praised. "Keep up the charade." Lina snorted. "They're all fools. They'll never guess that I'm an elite member of the biggest villain cult Japan has ever seen."

"Now, remember why you're there," the voice reminded her. "Don't let anything distract you."

"Don't worry," Lina assured him. "In a few days, the great Almight will be dead." END OF EPISODE 1


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