Bakugou talks to Lina
Bakugou talks to Lina lina stories

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Oh, I forgot, Lina has the power to read people's feelings.

Bakugou talks to Lina

Lina's POV: Lina walked through the halls with her head down facing the ground. This was her first day at this school and she was nervous as heck. Her short brown hair fell over her forehead and slightly covered her eyes.

All the other kids seem to have super cool quirks, she thought. Way cooler than mine. Suddenly, she bumped into someone, causing her to fall backward onto her butt.

"S-s-s...sorry," Lina stammered. She looked up and her orange eyes met a pair of red ones. It was a guy with spikey blond hair and an explosive vibe coming from him. He was flat out handsome...cute even.

"I-I-I..." she swallowed. "I'm SO sorry. I wasn't looking where I was going." To her surprise, he offered her a hand up. "It's cool," he said, cooly. "No harm done."

Lina tilted her head at him. The vibe she was reading from him was seating hot and boiling. That vibe increased as soon as her hand touched his.

"My name is Katsuki Bakogou," the guy said. "Bakugou." "L-L...Lina S-Samurai." Bakogou smiled handsomely, making Lina's heart skip a beat. "You're new here, right?" Bakugou asked. Lina nodded.

"Where did you transfer from?" Bakugou asked her. "Sidekick School," Lina said. "In Tokyo." There was an awkward pause in the conversation.

That's when they both suddenly realized that they still were holding each other's hands. They let go and looked away sheepishly.

Suddenly, the lunch bell rang. "Hey, want to sit with me at lunch?" Bakugou asked her. She nodded shyly.

Why is he being so nice to me? Lina wondered as they walked to lunch. His vibe says that he's boiling mad. A small smile crept along her face. He's the first person here to be nice to me in this school. This could be the start of a beautiful friendship...maybe...just maybe...more than that.


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