Warlock College I: Necromancy
Warlock College I: 
Necromancy  necromancy stories

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A lecture for future mages and paranormal sociologists alike

Warlock College I: Necromancy

While seedlings often rise in the cooled ash of a forest fire:

Necromancy is to take the ash and return it to living leaves with no roots, water, or sun.

Some say that necromancy's ban

will always be worked around and that

there will always rise from the cemeteries of history

puppet zombie dictatorships or

extinct species who come back as either invasive or exploited.

At the same time, some say to practice the arts or healing is to practice varying forms of necromancy.

Others cry the slippery slope to inter-life marriage

while simultaneously supporting companies that use zombie labor,

it's all very nasty and complicated, but a very good topic

for your end of term paper.

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