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I have two flytrap plants who I love dearly and I dedicate this horrific poem to them.
You could probably get dried fairies in bulk at Costco...

Flytrap Food

You can get dried fairies at your local hardware or fishing store.

When your flytraps are sickly, merely give a mouth a nice dried fairy

And your plant will be overflowing from its pot in no time,

Even in the dormancy of winter.

It is said that flytraps will wear themselves out snapping and biting at their prey, they so love the taste and heat of them.

Some dried fairies have preservatives, so make sure to go organic

And you can freeze them so they don't go bad.

Flytraps that are given regular fairies don't even need strong light to be dense, happy, and magnificently colorful.

Fairy religion and legends tell of flytraps as malicious tricksters that lure unsuspecting kin into their beautiful mouths.

It is oddly suggested, to my own horror, that the fairies find it pleasurable to be eaten by the flytraps.

That being said, it is traumatizing to watch and I often bat living fairies away when they get too close.

Feeding dried fairies to venus flytraps is much easier on your psyche and better yet

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