Fire Storm
Fire Storm  hurricane stories

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Here's some more angst for you! 😁
Love in the time of global warming.

Fire Storm

I slept on the beach and dreamed of a hurricane

crawling towards us like a tiger through smoke

swirling in the sunset like an oncoming wall of

orange fire.

The sirens woke me.

They were telling us to go to high ground.

You were wandering in an orange coat up the road

limping slow with nowhere to go.

Now here you and I are

in the dark of my house in the hills

sitting over orange candle light.

Windows drawn,

the destruction outside goes unseen

but we can hear the cries of broken power lines and

the stabbing howl of wind

flickering the flames all around us

and I tell you,

falling in love,

that I'm married.

Your red blush goes orange to yellow to white

and you apologize for crossing that line

but I say it's fine

because I haven't loved her for years.

You decline my glowing smiles

for fear of a flame that caught on a fallen photograph

of the family I never wanted,

blown in the draft near the cracked window,

and I could tell that you were trying to stomp out

the dying orange embers

of the love you were starting to feel for me.

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