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"Nobody ever teaches the physically disabled how to have sex."
Only somewhat NSFW

Disability Services

Nobody ever teaches the physically disabled how to have sex.

Porn mostly avoids the subject and

angsty fanfiction misses most of the clumsy


and frustrating reality.

That's where I come in.

I am an expert with all sorts of

human bodies with their hidden

bells, whistles, easter eggs, and cheat codes.

I played teacher once for a messed up girl

and her disheartened partners.

They observed my work and

took notes like students at lecture.

My students in this situation were both military vets who

were very hands on and

exceptionally fast learners.

I taught them to support their girlfriend's hips

and back

and to not dive into things

but to work slowly.

I taught them how they could do this

or that

to one another

and to her

and them all to me.

I showed them how to support

torn and crooked limbs while


and kissing

and biting

all sorts of fun things.

What once took them hours of

pain and frustration

went down to a toe curling solid half hour

well spent.

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