Curse of the Ebony Amulet

Curse of the 
Ebony Amulet  glopowrimo2021 stories

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Time travel romance isn't a walk in the park...

Curse of the Ebony Amulet

I buy you diamond earrings crafted by the hands

of ancient masters and yet all you wear

are those odd ivory earrings.

I pawned off family heirlooms

to give you necklaces of massive

and rare emeralds and rubies,

but you could only stare and paw at

that cracked

and crusty

ebony amulet.



amulet that laid forgotten

by accident in your bed while

I was tidying it for you.

It screamed directly at me

countless obscenities from the tongue

of some demon queen with lots of money

and blood on the soles of her shoes.

I must, my darling, intervene

with this illness of yours

born of that un-Christly thing,

that horrid trinket that keeps you

peddling that stationary bike,

strung oddly with copper wires,

at all hours of the night.

But, worry not!

Your secret magic is safe with me,

and I took the opportunity to

set you free from its spell:

for that dreaded gift forged by Satan himself

sits, bright lights dimming,

but glimmering and screaming,

taunting the terrified fish

sleepless and cursed now and forever

at the bottom of the deep and infinite sea.

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