Compersive Observations
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Compersion: A feeling of joy when a loved one invests in and takes pleasure from another romantic or sexual relationship. The opposite of jealousy.

Compersive Observations

Expressed in works of ink and watercolor

of acrylic, pastel, and marble

of photographs and short films,

did every work at this auction

look like you,

the love of my life,

and my ex boyfriend

in some way or another

entwined in acts of unrestrained love.

The costs were high, but I could not let such

masterpieces go anywhere

but in a place where I could stare at it for hours.

Your thighs wrapped around his


draped tastefully in smooth oil bedsheets,

gasping looks of ecstasy in the school of John William Waterhouse,

switch to tight embraces swirling in pools of ink like your souls

were doodled out by Junji Ito.

For every masterpiece sold

he offered twice as much as me

and when he winked at you

it lit my heart like sweeping radiating watercolors.

The only envy I felt

was when he snatched away a most

uncanny reproduction of that nefarious Andy Warhol

where those stormy eyes that broke my heart

are locked on mine while

you do something rhythmic and beautiful below.

Art brings that which hides behind the veil of reality

to where we can see it for ourselves

but it is only an imitation of

all that in life that is beautiful

and that which burns our souls without warning.

The moon may be cold in its lonesome jealousy

but your fledgling love is a pair of dancing solar flares

and I am tidally locked watching from the face of sunny old Mercury.

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